A downloadable game for Windows and Mac OS X

hello, yndr4hope here-- i did this for ilujam but missed the deadline, so this was just practice to learn ren'py! it's a super danganronpa 2 fangame about a freetime event with komaeda nagito. it is NSFW! there's currently no music so please listen to "Beautiful Ruin (Summer Salt)" for the full experience. there is a pool. enjoy!

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Published129 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
TagsVisual Novel
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Download and extract the files, then run FTEPoolside.exe! Mac compatible files are in there as well!


FTEPoolside-1.0-all.zip (44 MB)


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it won't let me download it

I have windows, and it won't let me download it. Please help me out.

hi, sorry you're having trouble. can you please tell me what it says when you try to download it? you mean you can't get the file from itch.io?

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This was great fun. I loved Danganronpa and ugh, I was so happy to have found a fanmade visual novel. I had to record it for my channel and went both routes.The Dankest Visual Novel

This is perfection. Ive never been so excited to play a visual novel game before. I was fangirling so hard, i cant even breathe properly.

Just checking out the content real quick - sharing for the curious. :)

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I just created an account to comment here.

This was beautiful, I honestly loved it. The art and writing are amazing and both Hinata and Komaeda are really in character. It was really amazing! I'm in love with your works. <3